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Fast and convenient method to record all your ATIS information.

Atis Wheel

Astro Solar Tech

See the new highly efficient Solar Hot Water System using advanced Solar Vacuum tubes and an internally insulated polyethelene storage tank. (Click for larger image.)

hot water system

The "Here Kitty Cat" locator will locate your cat within 30 feet of the signal finder with a cheerful set of audible beeps that will not frighten your cat.


Astro Pharmaceuticals Picture

Exclusive Distributers for

NAIL HEALTH - vitamin and mineral dietary supplement
ASTRO-PLEASURE - an all natural dietary supplement for a heightened intimate experience for both him and her.

All about Astro, including his unique cat-tested scratching pads.

Astro the Cat Astro the Cat

BikeFinderô Foundation registers bicycles and provides critical medical information to EMS and law enforcement agencies about bicycle accident victims.

Bikefinder Label

Designer Kippot (Yarmulkas) with handsomely embroided
Jewish Diorô Logo

Jewish Dior Kippa

Coming soon after 50 years: the return of Dobbs Orange Pep and the GLORY family of flavors, founded in Worcester, Mass, by Joseph Dworman in the early 1940s.

Dobbs Orange Pep